Who We Are

The producers and owners of 21st Century Bean continue to adapt to the ever changing challenges in the world of dry edible bean production.  From variety selection to varying harvest techniques, our “century family farmers” take pride in their on-going efforts to produce superior quality dry edible products. 21st Century Bean takes great pride in the company’s efforts of providing packaged dry beans to USDA food assistance programs and food banks nationally. 21st Century Bean provides over 100 million meals annually to these programs.

The processing division of 21st Bean located in Sharon Springs, KS is a modern, efficient cleaning and bulk packaging facility. Our facilities allow rapid unloading of delivered product and prompt return to the harvest fields. The dedicated management and staff consistently provide high quality triple cleaned dry edible beans in packaging ranging from 10 to 2000 pounds.  In 2018 the Sharon Springs facility underwent major renovation to add a state of the art cleaner and packaging machine.

The packaging division of 21st Century bean located at 1048 Old Hwy 24, west of Goodland, KS is a modern and efficient small packaging facility.  Our highly motivated staff continually exceed production expectations and quality standards.   Industry standard packaging lines meet volumes required for the growing national demand of multiple sized and branded packaging.